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By BaijinBullet:

Thank you for the response! I attempted copy dict files and copy other directory from espeak-ng-data, but still receive fail. However, no error message beyond negative number return. Although I receive no error from build before, perhaps it is not yet working correctly? Or are there other files I need to copy as well? You spoke of $PATH; by chance, perhaps you know which file I can change this? I am very grateful for your advice.

On Tue, 11 May 2021, 07:22 jaacoppi, @.***> wrote:

Urgently need to build on Windows, thank you!

I don't have Windows experience so I don't know how to fix the build errors. As a quick and dirty workaround, try copying the espeak-ng-data directory from your working linux build.

The build process has a few steps: 1) build espeak-ng Apparently you've got this part working.

2) use espeak-ng to build phoneme, intonations and language files It's just espeak-ng --compile-intonations, espeak-ng --compile-phonemes, espeak-ng --compile=. The resulting files will be placed in the espeak-ng-data directory. If this fails it's more than likely to be a problem with $PATH.

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