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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #922 Procedure not clear on how to remove/disable a language
By jbowler:

You don't remove the files, rather you modify Makefile.am not to include them in the build; i.e. delete the three lines:

        src/libespeak-ng/compiledata.c \
        src/libespeak-ng/compiledict.c \
        src/libespeak-ng/compilembrola.c \

from the definition of src_libespeak_ng_laSOURCES and whichever of the phsource/ph* lines and espeak-ng-data/*_dict lines that you don't need to build. Although, since espeak_ng won't be able to do the compile operations you probably don't even want to bother with the latter; just comment out the 'all-local' target at the top of Makefile.am

For tr_translate.c you have to comment out the languages. BTW this is for an experiment or a one-time unsupportable hack for a particular system. Actually doing it in the project would require some way of choosing the languages at 'configure' time, some support for the same in the Visual Studio solution and extra configure options such as --enable-ssml plus a somewhat tricky change to allow espeak-ng to be built twice, once with compile support once without, or maybe --enable-compile.

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