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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #864 Can't find Japanese language code.
By kanjieater:

Take a look at this... I re-installed this espeak-NG and I installed the latest one from here. I installed this one Version 1.50 , espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x64.msi now take a look at this.

There is no JAPANESE (probably some of the other languages that were mentioned too on the .md file where it says it supports the mentioned languages)

The only language that starts with j is jbo_dict


Tried searching for ja_dict but nothing...


Also on the voices/ directory there is no jpx/ja file. So the question is why is it when I install espeak-NG using the installer (latest version espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x64.msi) there is no Japanese? (also probably OTHER LANGUAGES as well that were mentioned on the doc that it supports the language... I am worried about it cause I'll be using this cool software in the FUTURE! Thank you for making this <3 )

But on the official source code again SOURCE CODE (not on the program files when you install the software) when I download it! It has this ja_dict file also the ja file. So I'm thinking probably the INSTALLER isn't UPDATED... right? if not then what could be the solution or at least the developers can update it so that I can use the Japanese & other languages as well that might not be on the INSTALLER but it is on the .md file where it says the language is available. Thank you so much! This software really helped me a lot and I'm sure too other people as well :D

image image

I'm running into this. When I download the source code I can find espeak-ng-master\espeak-ng-data\lang\jpx\ja but not the ja_dict. Any pointers? or can you upload the file here until there's a fix?

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