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#227 manual phoneme input peculiarities

when doing manual phoneme input:

  • [[___]]’s possessive case (e.g. for names) isn't parsed (space-separated ˈɛs) (rather do s|z|ɪz)

  • stress markers',: if don't manually input or via infer from lookup/similar word, lack of (dictionary?) heuristics at times make the word sound worse is there way to specify degree of manual/auto?

  • when changing language e.g. to use other vowel/phoneme sets via SSML tags: e.g. <voice xml:lang="es"> stuff <voice xml:lang="en-us"> it does a grammar/parsing reset therefore pitch and intonation is reset as though it were a new sentence, [[_^_esstuff_^_en-us]] or [[_^_es]] stuff [[_^_en-us]] bypasses this, as long it is not interrupted by a newline

  • unexpected/confusing [[Q"Ql# _^_ipa GRK]] as ʁɣɬ (͡i͡p͡a) ɣʁɬ , typo produces [[a_^_ipa a]] as ˈa(͡g͡n)yɕɛ a

  • at least allows combining from multiple languages into one word [[_^_ipa ts) _^_fr-ca yd _^_es own _^_en-us Iz]]

also question regarding loanwords which often differ from pronunciation norm's should they use  some of other language's phoneme set?   by how much ? the degree it has been normalized, integrated into common-use

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