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[espeak-ng:master] By katrihiovain <katri.hiovain@...>:
93d3c67df6fd: smj: Support for new language Lule Saami

Co-authored-by: Sebastien Le Maguer <lemagues@...>

Added: dictsource/smj_list
Added: dictsource/smj_rules
Added: espeak-ng-data/lang/urj/smj
Added: phsource/ph_lule_saami
Added: phsource/vowelcharts/smj
Modified: CHANGELOG.md
Modified: Makefile.am
Modified: phsource/phonemes
Modified: src/libespeak-ng/tr_languages.c

[espeak-ng/espeak-ng] Pull request closed by valdisvi:

#909 Lule saami

smj: Support for new language Lule Saami

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