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[espeak-ng:master] By trypolis <60036684+TyGillespie@...>:
0ecca7c1cc22: Fixed a typo in UniversalRobot.

Modified: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/UniRobot

[espeak-ng:master] By Valdis Vitolins <valdis.vitolins@...>:
d4c698857ef8: Merge pull request #898

Modified: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/UniRobot

[espeak-ng/espeak-ng] Pull request closed by valdisvi:

#898 Fixed a typo in UniversalRobot.

This is quite a mild change, but it was driving me crazy, so I fixed the double "I" in the name of UniversalRobot.

[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #898 Fixed a typo in UniversalRobot.
By valdisvi:

Everything starts small. Thanks for contribution!

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