Re: Adding a new language - getting Error: "The specified espeak-ng voice does not exist."

Reece H. Dunn

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 11:57 pm, <greenbay.graham@...> wrote:

I have followed the instructions on to add a new language, on Linux.

Everything compiles ok but when I issue the following command

espeak -v mi "foo bar" --stdout | paplay

I get the following error

Error: The specified espeak-ng voice does not exist.
Failed to open audio file.

'mi' is my new language. Is there anything I need to do code wise to get this language recognised?

You need to use the following from the top-level source directory:

ESPEAK_DATA_PATH=`pwd` espeak -v mi "foo bar" --stdout | paplay

This is because otherwise it will look for and use the voice data in the default location, instead of the build directory.

- Reece




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