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[espeak-ng:master] By Juho Hiltunen <jaacoppi@...>:
40613d5b679b: code cleanup: remove ssml_ignore_l_angle.

It is supposed to be used with SSML for reading < (&lt;) and & (&amp;)
when invoking espeak-ng --punct -m.

However, it looks like the code is dead since removing it doesn't fail
the ssml reference test.

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/readclause.c

[espeak-ng:master] By Valdis Vitolins <valdis.vitolins@...>:
2d633b72cd22: Merge pull request #886

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/readclause.c

[espeak-ng/espeak-ng] Pull request closed by valdisvi:

#886 code cleanup: remove ssml_ignore_l_angle.

It looks like ssml_ignore_l_angle is just dead code. Can you find any use for it?

It is only set in AnnouncePunctuation if end_clause != 0. Even when manually setting ssml_ignore_l_angle there seems to be no effect on anything.

For example, this doesn't change after the commit: src/espeak-ng -m --punct "<speak>Here's a &lt; and a &amp;, and < and &. This is still &lt;(&lt;)(&lt;)</speak>"

If a use case for this is found it should be better documented.

looks like commit 1a2f454af378 from 2008 was first to have ssml_ignore_l_angle in AnnouncePunctuation.

[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #886 code cleanup: remove ssml_ignore_l_angle.
By valdisvi:

I think, we can throw that part out.

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