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By sr12zar:


I think 'espeak-ng' can include some of my modifications but I don't know that espeak-ng can include 'g2p' part in a 'seamless way'. I had tried including the rules in 'g2p.awk' into th_rules of espeak-ng but abandoned that due to lack of understanding of how espeak-ng processes the rules. Perhaps a more espeak-ng savvy can help.

As you can see 'espeak-ng-thai' is just about a collection of free and open-source tools we can use to build a tts system on Linux platform. I name this toolset 'espeak-ng-thai' because I use espeak-ng as the speaker and following the old proverb "ปากเป็นเอก", I place espeak-ng first. We can use other synthesizers (not just espeak-ng) as the speaker. I think it is best to leave espeak-ng out of my 'meddling'.


On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 at 04:50, Wannaphong Phatthiyaphaibun < notifications@...> wrote:

Can you add https://github.com/sr12zar/Espeak-ng-thai to Espeak-ng?

@sr12zar https://github.com/sr12zar

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