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#866 espeak-ng --punct="." produces strange results

Here, the last dot is not spoken:

espeak-ng --punct='.' "Testing." -x

Here, only one dot is spoken:

espeak-ng --punct='.' "Testing . ." -x

Here, nothing is spoken: espeak-ng --punct='.' "..." -x

And here's the strangest of them all. This one actually reads for a very long time, this is just the beginning of the output:

espeak-ng --punct='.' ".." -x
j'u: a# ,EDd'i:; ,eI_|'UmlaUt_| dI2gr'i:z d'i:; ,eI_|'UmlaUt_| 'A:r- ,aI_|gr'A:v_| a# dI2gr'i:z
dI2v'aIdI2d dI2gr'i:z_:I2kskl@m,eIS@n_: dI2v'aIdI2d p'aI ,oU,oU_|str'oUk_| j'u: p'aI ,oU,oU_|str'oUk_| j'u: jjjjjj'aI d'i:z 'Ef 'u:s dI2gr'i:z 'A@t p3s'Entd0l3r- 'eItS 'aI ,i:_|'UmlaUt_| p3s'Ent 'i:; '3:dZ p'aUnd 'Ef_:_: z,Eds'i: w,aI_|a#kj'u:t_| Tr'i: z'Ed 'INk d'0l3r- 'eItS ,En_|t'Ild@_| 'ED j'En 'Em s'Em d'0l3r- 'eItS T'O@n _'and ,i:_|'UmlaUt_| p'i: p'ar@gr,aaf s'aI a# 'Ef n,0ta#_:_: s,i:_|s@d'Ila#_| ,Eksv'i: k'oU 'Ef ,i:_|,UmlaUt_|,aI_|,UmlaUt_|,aI_|s'3:k@mfl,Eks_| s'Iks_:_: 'Esks d'0l3r- 'eItS s'i:; ,aI,i:_|'UmlaUt_| b'akslaS m'In m'aIkroU 'Ef ,aI_|s'3:k@mfl,Eks_|_:_: 'En_:_: j,u:_|'UmlaUt_| h'aS 'i@r@r- 'Ef j'u: r'EdZIst3d _'at_ 'i: d'0l3r- ,i:j'u: d'0l3_:_: 'eItS d'Vb@Ls'Ents '3:l_:_: z,Ed,El'i:_:_: 'Ef a# 'i:; 'eI p'i: _:'i:kw@Lz_:_:_: d'0t d'0t _| 'Ef a p'i: d'0t ,i:_|s'3:k@mfl,Eks_| s'El 'oU 'Ef dZ'eI v'i: k'0pIr,aIt t'i: k'oUl@n 'A:v d'0l3r- 'eItS 'i: pl'Vs w,aI_|a#kj'u:t_| z'i@roU ,aI_|'UmlaUt_| f'o@ s'It 'Ef z'i@roU 'Iwi _:'i:kw@Lz_: f'aIv k'Vs_:_: 'Ef w'0n 'eIks_:_: s'Ev@n b,i:;,Ent'i:; 'Ef n'aIn ,oU_|t'Ild@_| n'aIn j,u:_|gr'A:v_|_:_: 'Ee@ k'oUl@n dZ,i:;,Emkj'u: pl'Vs 'Ef

Probable cause is in ReadClause()

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