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#855 Greek: Pronunciation corrections

My native language is Hungarian, and I have been using Espeak for many years due to it being the default speech engine of NVDA. However, I am learning greek as a second language and have noticed some oddities in the translations done by the engine. I have looked at the rule files and determined that the last change took place before the move over to Espeak NG, meaning the language has not been updated in over three years. I am not familiar with the process of cloning and testing new additions to the rules file, but I would like to propose some changes so other contributers will be able to understand what issues there are.

The thing that stands out to me immediately is the phonemes that are in use. Specifically the "t" sound and the "r" sound does not sound accurate. A simpler sound similar to other languages such as croatian or hungarian would be more accurate, in my opinion. The second section has to do with pronouncing numbers. This section is much easier to explain since the rules file gives exact pronunciations for the numbers, and they can easily be changed. If any part of this issue is to be tackled, this part would be the easier one. The number 5 pronounces the t when normally a "ντ" is supposed to result in a "nd" like sound instead. Curiously the numbers 50 or 500 get pronounced correctly, although every subsiquent tens didget calls the routine for the initial number 5 which gets pronounced incorrectly. The number 11 pronounces the "Δ" when in this case it's written as "ντ" and so must be pronounced with an "ND" like sound. The numbers 70 and 80 are not using "Γ" and "Δ" where applicable. E.g."Εβδομίντα" comes out as "εμπντομίντα". Finally, the phonemes called when anything in the hundreds series above 200 is said sounds extremely out of place. A normal "s" sound could replace it.

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