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#852 Several issues with fr voice

The following test strings produce garbled output, and they sometimes even affect further synthesis requests to come after them. This looks like some buffer overflow somewhere when unicode symbols are involved.

Example of problematic strings:

$ copyright="$(echo -ne "\xc2\xa9")" $ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "$copyright 2020" sE~b'Ol(base) @@@ @@@ @@@ $ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "$copyright 2020, Tous droits réservés." sE~b'Ol(base) @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@ @@@@@@@@

$ sapin="$(echo -ne "\xf0\x9f\x8e\x84")" $ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "$sapin" sap'E~ d@- nO'El $ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "$sapin $sapin" (en)kr'Ism@skr'Ism@s(fr)

$ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "$sapin $copyright" sap'E~ d@-- nO'El sE~b'Ol(base) nO'El

And some more with no unicode characters at all:

$ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "PR" profEs'Wr dOlart'Ekst

$ espeak-ng -v fr -q -x "1ᵉʳ" 'W~ l,Etr|,W~|d'e|k,atr|n,Wf_:'Er

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