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espeak-ng@groups.io Integration <espeak-ng@...>

2 New Commits:

[espeak-ng:master] By datajake1999 <datajake@...>:
073a4188a889: Add support for speechPlayer aspirationAmplitude parameter in voice files.

Modified: src/libespeak-ng/sPlayer.c

[espeak-ng:master] By datajake1999 <datajake@...>:
82d5b7b04488: Ported voices from NVSpeechPlayer to espeak variants.

Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/adam
Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/benjamin
Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/caleb
Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/david

[espeak-ng/espeak-ng] Pull request closed by valdisvi:

#851 Added voices from NVSpeechPlayer as espeak variants

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