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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #842 Arabic Long Vowels are Mispronounced
By Turkrosoft:

I lack the knowledge to properly explain the following, but I will try my best. Certain letters should be distinguished from others. Letters like sad, ra or qaf, for instance, will make the long aa (alef) following them sound different from an alef that comes after, for example, seen or kaf. Just wanted to ask that this be taken into account. To produce the sound for the first set of letters, you may refer to the phoneme used for UK English to pronounce such words as "car", or the individual pronunciation of the letter "o" in Uzbek, which is similar to how "au" is pronounced in US English. As for the second group of letters, you may refer to "ə (schwa)" in Azerbaijan or its equivalent in Finnish.

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