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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #811 Improved Interlingua voice
By valdisvi:

Thanks for contribution! It is included into the project with commit 5deac40. Some notes: 1. as word list is very long, it is put in file ia_listx, where extended list of words is usually stored, except 2. pronunciation of numbers are put into updated ia_list file. 3. file had two different rules for the same word:

le	$nounf $u+
le 	$verb $verbextend $u

I left only first entry in ia_list file.

  1. There were capital first letters used for written words, these were converted to lowercase, because espeak-ng rules don't care about case of letters in written form. If you need to care about them, additional flag (e.g. $capital or $allcaps) should be added after pronunciation.

To use MBROLA Italian voice for Interlingua, look MBROLA voices guide and mb-it1 and it1 files as examples.

[espeak-ng:master] Issue #811 Improved Interlingua voice closed by nesrad.

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