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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #810 Add some patterns to ja_rules
By tset-tset-tset:


Thank you for reviewing my PR. Sorry for the lack of explanation, here's why I removed "かあ", "すう", etc:.

  1. Currently, the "あ" is grouped with the "あ", ”ああ”, "あぁ", "あー".
  2. However, when "かあ" is present, "かあぁ" or "かあー" is recognized as "かあ" + "ぁ" or "かあ" + "ー". Therefore, when we process some of the words now, "(en)" comes up.

    $ echo 'コンピュータアート' | espeak-ng -x -v ja
    k'o N\ C'i _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ 'u _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ t'a 'a _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ t'o
    $ echo 'スウェーデン' | espeak-ng -x -v ja
    s'u 'u _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ t'e _:(en)dZ'ap@ni:z(ja)l'et@ N\
  3. When I considered the above case, I thought it would be more appropriate for the case where ”かあ” becomes "kaa" rather than "ka:".

[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by nesrad:
#811 Improved Interlingua voice

Hi, I've created the file ia_list to improve pronunciation for the ia voice. I'm not sure how to add it to your project, so I'll just leave it here. ia_list.zip

Since Interlingua shares its sounds with the romance languages, I was wondering what steps would be needed to use existing mbrola voices like Italian.

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