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#797 Please can I build Espeak-ng from Alpine Linux?

Dear specialists, Can I build Espeak-ng from Alpine Linux? Or will I face many complex issues? AlpineLinux is based on Busybox. As A result, build.sh script do not work. Line which contain copy exit1 or similar command do not work. So I Am thinkink. If simply replace copy with cp will not cause other scripting interpreting issues. Alpine Linux is light veight distro. Its official repository contain Espeak, but it do not even transfer sound data by using Libpulse or other libraryes. So if user type 0 echo "export PULSE_SERVER=\"\"" >> ~/.bashrc

type exit and will login to Alpine again, Espeak do not send sound. I Am working with Android Termux and Alpine, because it is new distro and I would like to bring Orca, Mate and Espeak-ng and speech-dispatcher. FOrtunately, Pulseaudio 13.0 is present in The repository. Many Mate packages are also available. Including Xorg. I AM only thinking if I have some chance to build The programs as espeak-ng or speech-dispatcher.

Thank you very much for yours help.

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