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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #692 Crash when folder has accented character
By lukaszgo1:

Why exactly have you closed this? The solution employed in NVDA is merely an work around that is if eSpeak files are placed in a path with accented character eSpeak cannot be used and NVDA falls back to the another synthesizer assuming that any other engine is available.

[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #606 Chinese dictionary multiple match
By jaacoppi:

I'm using 貸款 as an example. It's (貸 款) dai4kuan3 in dictsource/extra/zh_listx.

I think the expected behaviour is that espeak finds 貸 款 from the dictionary file, replaces it with dai4kuan3 for speaking out the phoneme and then sets dictionary_skipwords to mark that 款 has already been translated/spoken as part of the previous word and should be skipped.

Actual behaviour seems to be that dictionary_skipwords has no effect and thus 款 is spoken twice.

A dirty fix is to remove the whitespace in in dictsource/extra/zh_listx: (貸款) dai4kuan3. I don't know if this breaks something else.

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