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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #761 Initial support for Turkmen language.
By valdisvi:

Updates from archive are put into project with commit 53c59f4. Some notes: 1. You don't need to include tk_dict file that is generated automatically. 2. In phonemes file there were changes regarding to other languages. I took only changes for Turkmen, to rebase Turkmen phonemes from Turkish to base2: phonemetable tk base2 include ph_turkmen 4. Each character for rule add weight for it. Therefore for long rules like L04CL04CCiC) i Y you may need to decrease weight with < sign. 3. Line .C b ç d f g h j k l m n ň p r s ş t w ý z ž in tk_rules file doesn't make compilation error, but actually is ignored, and you still use standard set of consonants. Characters with diacritic marks inherit properties of normal Latin characters, so usually you don't need to change them. If you really need to change definition of consonants, you have to change them in tr_languages.c file. E.g. here it is changed for Arabic.

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