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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #757 Please Improve the Thai Language
By valdisvi:

To "reorder" phonetic pronunciation regarding to writing, you have to consider all characters in the rule, something like this:

.group a
    abc  cba

You may use pre) or (post rules before/after character group, if you want to choose depending on them, but don't want to jump to next group of characters yet. Also, if there is no canonical order for additional diacritic marks (like for Arabic vowels), you can make them in "canonical" order with .replace rule, e.g.:

    ca ac
    ā   ē

but currently you can replace only characters in groups, which together fit into 4 bytes (i.e. 2 ASCII letters to 2 ASCII letters, or 1 2-byte letter to 1 2-byte letter).

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