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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #747 Fixing sequences of ? and !
By rhdunn:

I think it makes sense to patch the current logic to address current bugs. My main comment for this fix would be that it would be better to check the ucd_properties value (to handle other Unicode question and exclamation marks). That is read/used by punct_data below this check, so it would be better to make use of that (e.g. punct_data & (CLAUSE_QUESTION | CLAUSE_EXCLAMATION)) on the if statement, then in the while loop use clause_type_from_codepoint(c2) instead of punct_data when checking the clause flags.

The more general changes will still need C code to process the logic (like with number processing, tokenizing SSML/HTML, etc.). It makes sense to have the configuration (like the current tr_languages.c code) to be in language configuration files. And the espeak code definitely needs improving w.r.t. Unicode processing. What I'm not sure about is what the balance between configuration and general processing logic will be.

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