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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #742 Cracks when voicing multi-line text
By SeanTolstoyevski:

espeak-test.zip this is txt file. Test file


There is a difference. Espeak pauses between lines.

NVDA does not pause in this type of text. it reads it as a plain sentence.

I did not see any problem when I tested Espeak.

By the way, this happens when the rate of sound is too high. So this problem does not occur at normal rate.

If there is a parameter I can remove the pauses between lines, I would like to try again. I read --help but couldn't find it. The command line parameters I use are:

espeak-ng.exe -f espeak-test.txt -w output.wav -s 450 -g 0

If the problem is not in Espeak, we will continue to topic this issue in NVDA. As a note: I can say that there are more sound cracks in Turkish. I can not decide because I am unable to create the same environment at the moment.

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