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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #728 issues with russian language
By valdisvi:

@beqabeqa473, that changePhoneme(...) was introduced in huge commit 20f52f03 by Jonathan in 2009-12-20. I think, he was misled and that code can be safely removed.

git diff a7501374 20f52f03 ph_russian|grep -A15 "phoneme I$"
 phoneme I
-  vowel starttype (i) endtype (i)
-  length 80
-  formants vwl_ru/ii
+  vowel starttype #i endtype #i
+  Length 80
+  IF thisPh(isMaxStress) THEN
+    IF prevPhW(j) THEN
+      ChangePhoneme(a)
+    ELSE
+      ChangePhoneme(i)
+    ENDIF
+  FMT(vwl_ru/ii)

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