Re: [Espeak-general] Editing ESpeak-NG Variant Files

Valdis Vitolins

Hi, Bhavya,
my answers are below your questions:

* The variant files don't seem to have any extension. Which editor
should I open them with? Currently viewing a lot of numbers when
opening one of the variant files using Notepad.
Some of these files use Unix (LF), some Windows (LF, CR) linebreaks. If
your notepad is not very new, it will not handle Unix linebreaks
properly. Use e.g. Notepad++

* I would assume that if these numbers are meaningful, they depict
different parameters of a voice. Is there some reference on what
different properties of speech are, so that I know what aspect of the
speech I am tweakingg when changing any number?

* Any other tips or thoughts on creating new ESpeak-NG variants and
refining existing one would also be useful.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Best Regards,
Good luck!

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