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#716 SAPI 5 read book mark mark equal; at the end of each text

I have tested espeak-ng on windows 10 pro x64 version 10.0.18363. SAPI 5 did not appear when the espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x64.msi was installed. But SAPI 5 appeared when the espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x86.msi was installed. I tested espeak-ng SAPI 5 using Microsoft Speech API version 5 driver of NVDA 2019.3.1. While other SAPI 5 voices work fine with the NVDA, espeak-ng read some non-existed text after each sentence I heard "bookmark mark equal" and then a number after each input text! So, I think this is a serious bug in the implementation of espeak-ng SAPI5. Please fix this bug because the espeak-ng is very useful TTS which supports a lot of languages and accents. Moreover, if espeak-ng SAPI 5 driver could be fixed then it could be used also with the dual voice for NVDA add-on which enables users to use two different voices where in most cases espeak-ng is the only choice available for one of the language or dialect.

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