[espeak-ng:master] reported: Misrendering of the word "wherever" #github

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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #437 Misrendering of the word "wherever"
By rhdunn:

Thanks. The relevant bit is:

Replace: wherever   whereever 
Flags:  whereever  $2
Unpronouncable? 'whereever'
 46	_) wh (Y [w]
Translate 'whereever'
  1	w        [w]
 22	wh       [w]
 46	_) wh (Y [w]
 85	where    [we@]

 99	ever (_  [Ev3]
  1	e        [E]

Translate '='
Found: '=' [_:i:kw@Lz_:]   $max3

Translate 'ˆ1:vY	'
Found: '_1' [w'02n]
 22	:        [koUl@n]

  1	v        [v]

Translate ''

So espeak-ng is processing additional content after it has translated whereever. -- This doesn't look like #690 as this is not failing to translate a given string.

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