[espeak-ng:master] reported: Misrendering of the word "wherever" #github

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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #437 Misrendering of the word "wherever"
By rhdunn:

That change was made in 1.48.08 (992b4cf06884e84ad3b3ee29779aed6e8dbb773b), identified via git's blame functionality. Looking at the diff for that commit, the relevant part is the change from:

wherever         w%e@r-Ev3
whereever        w%e@r-Ev3


whereever   $2
wherever    $text whereever

Note that according to wiktionary, whereever is an obsolete variant of "wherever".

These rules look correct to me -- stress "where|ever" on the second syllable; use "where|ever" when pronouncing "wherever" (so the spelling rules can be used, which may include some regional differences, although I haven't checked that is the case).

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