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[espeak-ng:master] By Karl Eick <hozosch@...>:
ff941a7bfa6a: add iven 4 variant

Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/iven4

[espeak-ng:master] By Valdis Vitolins <valdis.vitolins@...>:
e649f7f98593: Merge pull request #695

Added: espeak-ng-data/voices/!v/iven4

[espeak-ng/espeak-ng] Pull request closed by valdisvi:

#695 add iven 4 variant

This is a smoother version of iven. I personally like it, and I also told about this variant in the german NVDA mailing list. I got one reply from someone being curious about it, so I'll include it in espeak NG. If people don't want to use it, they don't have to. I'm saying all this because I know that I should be careful with changes as it might result in angry users.

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