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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #690 Testsuite fails on various archs
By rhdunn:

The failing test is running the following command:

espeak-ng -xq -v grc "Οἱ δὲ Φοίνιϰες οὗτοι οἱ σὺν Κάδμῳ ἀπιϰόμενοι.. ἐσήγαγον διδασϰάλια ἐς τοὺς ῞Ελληνας ϰαὶ δὴ ϰαὶ γράμματα, οὐϰ ἐόντα πρὶν ῞Ελλησι ὡς ἐμοὶ δοϰέειν, πρῶτα μὲν τοῖσι ϰαὶ ἅπαντες χρέωνται Φοίνιϰες· μετὰ δὲ χρόνου προβαίνοντος ἅμα τῇ ϕωνῇ μετέβαλον ϰαὶ τὸν ϱυϑμὸν τῶν γραμμάτων."

and comparing the output with a reference output string:

hoI_: d'e_: f_: 'o_: 'i_: n_: 'i_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'e_: s_: h'u:toI_: hoI_: s'yn_: k'admOI:_: 'a_: p_: 'i_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'o_: m_: 'e_: n_: 'o_: 'i_: es'E:gag,on_: d_: 'i_: d_: 'a_: s_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'a_: l_: 'i_: 'a_: 'es_: tu:s_: ell'E:nas_: 'aI_: d'E:_: 'aI_: gR'ammat,a_:
'o_: 'y_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: e'onta_: pR'in_: ell'E:si_: h'O:s_: em'oI_: d_: 'o_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'e_: 'e_: 'i_: n_:
pR'O:ta_: m'en_: t'oIsi_: 'aI_: h'apant,es_: xR'eO:nt,aI_: f_: 'o_: 'i_: n_: 'i_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'e_: s_:
met'a_: d'e_: xR'onu:_: pRob'aInont,os_: h'ama_: tEI:_: O:n'EI:_: met'ebal,on_: 'aI_: ton_: l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'y_: l'et@_|_|d_|_:_: m_: 'o_: n_: tO:n_: gRamm'atO:n_:

If you run the command with -X instead of -x you will get more detailed output of what eSpeak is doing.

Even in the working version, I can see something strange happening. I don't see any obvious issues with the translate output, but the pronunciations contain parts such as l'et@_|_|f_|_:_: 'e_: s_:, i.e. "letter f e s". It normally does that when the word is unpronouncible, but I don't see that in this instance.

There may be a bug in some of the functionality that the grc dictionary is using when translating that text that happens to behave slightly differently on those platforms.

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