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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #681 Short pause and independent consonants for Shan
By valdisvi:

Single letters

shn_list file is for pronunciation of words and symbols with simple, exact matching rules. E.g. for English pronunciation of single letters are described in line 33 to 59. E.g. for single :

ၵ   kaa5

But, if you have single letter words, then it is better to describe pronunciation in shn_rules file:

.group ၵ // U+1075
          ၵ       k    // default pronunciation
       _) ၵ (_    kaa5 // single letter word
       ...             // other rules

Currently there is no rule for character. Just add it in shn_list and/or shn_rules file depending on complexity of rules. For example, following rule in shn_rules file:

.group ၶ
    ၶ   khaa5


If handling pauses will not require much of different rules, then you can add "no character" group at the end of shn_rules file:

.group // note no character for the group
  ၊  _
  ။  _:

If pause characters may need different pronunciations, depending on position, create another group

.group ၊
  ၊  _   // default rule
  ...    // other rules
.group ။
  ။  _:  // default rule
  ...    // other rules

eSpeak online

If you test it as anonymous user, then you use version build by me, what I do occasionally. Then you can check how old build is by looking on last commit. If you test it as registered user, then you can update your project and rebuild it with new settings yourself as it is described in the guide.

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