Re: Thinking of trying to use MakeMSI to create the espeak-ng installer

Simon Eigeldinger <simon.eigeldinger@...>

Hi Reece,

Is that components list built automatically?
If that one makes a lot of work i would just remove it.
The install size doesn't increase all that much when we install all languages.
What do you think?

For SAPI voices we could do it like the old inno setup installer that jonathan duddington has created.
Having a text box where you enter the voices and variants to get them enabled as sapi voices.


Am 16.11.2019 um 00:21 schrieb Reece H. Dunn:

Hi Simon,
I would rather make use of something like to generate the installation for files in a given directory.
Currently, the installer allows you to specify which languages to install and it will only install the files needed for those languages. I would need to check if that wix task supports doing that.
Kind regards,

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