Re: new espeak ng builds

Simon Eigeldinger


Yes there is.
You can download visual studio community edition.
This is free.
I am using that over here as well.


Am 05.11.2019 um 19:49 schrieb mattias:

Reece yes i know that the sapi5 are experimental
But if i want to try i have to compile espeak myself?
If so fine, but there is no free version of Visual studio?
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On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 05:36 PM, Simon Eigeldinger wrote:
Hi all,
I have compiled new builds yesterday.
now they also work on all systems.
Great. Thanks for doing this.
had to get release mode working.
by default visual studio uses debug mode which doesn't let you run the
binaries on a non developer pc.
Seems we don't get voice variants in the msi installer.
We also seem to lack documentation.
I ask myself if it is a good idea to continue with msi installers when
the creation and keeping them up to date of such ones is pretty complex?
What do you think?
MSI is the standard Windows installer format (like deb files on Debian/Ubuntu).
While they are a pain to manage, they provide features such as the ability to
upgrade, repair, and uninstall. This includes updating the registry and ensuring
that dependencies within the installer are installed based on the features the
user selects. This is done by keeping the GUIDs the same for each item.
I would like to update the MSI to better reflect the current state (e.g. new
voices) before release. I haven't had time to do this yet, but patches are welcome.
Longer term, we can look at better ways to manage the process. Something like
having the GUIDs in the language/voice file with the ability to generate the
voice data part of the installer XML source. This could then be made so that the
tests can check that GUIDs are present and valid, so the regression tests will
fail if any are missing/wrong.
Regarding SAPI support: There is an experimental version commented out for
English. It has a few bugs and is not complete.
Kind regards,
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