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By jamesohortle:

As mentioned in #498, Japanese does not currently support readings for English words mixed into Japanese text (it will read letter by letter). It is fairly common in Japanese, however, to have English vocabulary sprinkled throughout. See, for example, the Yomiuri Giants' website where many section titles are in English.

I have been working on a dictionary of English words written as they would be written/pronounced in Japanese. Sample:

UNDERSTATE | アンダーステイト
EXCLAVE | エクスクレイブ
SUMATRAN | スーマトラン
BUZBEE | バズビー
DELINQUENTLY | ディリンクァントリー
FULLTIME | フルタイム
SIBLEY | シブリー
COURLAND | クールラント
FANTABULOSA | ファンタビューローサ
JOHN'S | ジャンズ
ROMINGER | ローミンアー
HOLDSWORTH | ホールドズワース
NICOTIN | ニコチン
ZAGAZIG | ザガジグ
MORNA | モーナ
IANNAMICO | イーアナミーコー
RANCHERS | ランチャーズ
BARSAMIAN | バーセイミーアン

Although there are some errors (JOHN'S should really be ジョンズ, for example), I am happy to contribute the resource if given some guidance on how to put it in.

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