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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #668 (Turkish) vocalization of words with double letters saying of one letters
By destroyersboy:

In #152 (released in 1.49.1 -- 2017-01-21), the double letters tt, bb, cc, çç, dd, kk, and pp were modified to use _::p, etc.

I don't fully understand the purpose of the change here. Q: kyu, w: dabılyu and x: iks. That feedback is true.

I do not have the technical knowledge to interpret other technical parts and understand Espeak's phonetic syntax.

On the other hand, during fast reading and slow reading, double letters is emphasis and double, not read as a single letter. In the present Espeak, the double letters found above, are passed as singly. It should be read and emphased in pairs.

In #229 (released in 1.49.2 -- 2017-09-24), the long pause was modified to work better at higher speech rates. This (da3d534) should really be reverted and the code should be modified to better support higher speech rates, as there are other artefacts in all languages in this case.

@Burakyuksek said the error occurred as a result of the change. The revision is reverted to version 1.48.03. Because there's no problem here.

Not only at high speeds, but at slow speeds, exactly what the word is.

We can better understand this phonetic subject with the word 'eddard'. In words where the letter D is double, the tension of the letter should not be lost. This word is now read as 'edard'. Letters like D and T should be emphasized more than this level.

  1. Does 1.49.1 sound wrong as well? Yes, Wrong:
  2. Words that repeat a silent letter twice has the first instance of the letter muted. For example, in the word gitti, the first t needs to be muted.

The right lines: > 2. The letters x, q and w are not pronounced correctly. X needs to be pronounced as iks rather than eks, w should be pronounced as çift v rather than duble v because duble is not a Turkish word, and the letter q needs to be pronounced as kyu rather than kve.

  1. Is this a dialect difference between you and @burakyuksek (the person who raised #152)?
    No, no dialect difference. All Turkey, Istanbul Turkish speaks. This is the official.

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