Re: Compiling espeak-ng-data manually

Valdis Vitolins

You are not required to recompile with --compile-debug option.
That is the same as --compile=xx with addition that
using -X flag will show also number of lines of xx_rule files
(I don't know is it makes any serious storage/performance penalty.)


Hi all,

I plan to compile espeak-ng using vs 2017 and then maybe compiling
espeak-ng-data by hand so we have all languages in a for example zip 
file for also pretty easy install and update.

So just please correct me here if i am wrong:

So after building espeak-ng and dropping espeak-ng.exe and 
libespeak-ng.dll into the root of the repo:

compiling phoneme data.

$ espeak-ng --compile-phonemes

Then the dictionary files:

$ espeak-ng --compile=de
$ espeak-ng --compile=en
$ espeak-ng --compile=fr

Then rules files:

$ cd dictsource
$ ..\espeak-ng --compile-debug=en
$ ..\espeak-ng --compile-debug=de
$ ..\espeak-ng --compile-debug=fr

Is that right?


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