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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Issue #441 Mispronunciation of Forbidden
By nmstoker:

I know it's a long time since this was last posted, but I also get f'3bId@n (ie not stressing the second syllable) and I'm using the command line (version 1.49.2 installed in Arch Linux installed from the community package). It happens whether I use English RP or not:

espeak-ng -X -v gmw/en-GB-x-rp "forbidden"
espeak-ng -X "forbidden"

What I'm confused about is that the link @valdisvi provided back in 2018 is to the eSpeak NG testing page and yet that seems to use the latest commits. Thus, surely it's not surprising that the results there will differ, since aren't most users going to be on the released version of 1.49.2 from back in 2017?

Is there a new release planned as that would potentially clear up a number of queries like this? Then downstream projects or users of the release version would get whatever changes have presumably been incorporated in the last ~2 years.

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