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#643 German voice mispronounces a select few words

Using the online site to test eSpeak, the german voice mispronounces words such as "Rakete", "Polarmeer" and "Hintergrundstrahlung".

By overriding the pronounciation of these three words, they sound correctly, here are a few examples by comparing the output before and after correcting it.

Rakete Before: r'Ak@t@ After: rAk'E:t@

Polarmeer Before: p'o:larm,e:r After: po:l'arm'e:r

Hintergrundstrahlung Before: h,Int3gr'UntstrA:l,UN After: h,Int3gr'UntStr'A:lUN (the "sch" sound is oddly different, seperating Hintergrundstrahlung into two words makes it produce the proper "sch" sound)

This is however one set of eSpeak getting words wrong, it doesn't happen as often, but it does occur in some cases. Is it appropriate to create multiple issues for these, or keep them in one?

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