Re: [espeak-ng:master] new issue: the ability to read .epub files to .wav? #github

Willem van der Walt

Use cainteoir.
It can "record" to .wav files.
It also can play the epub file.
This is not an espeak-ng issue at all.

On Thu, 1 Aug 2019, Travis Siegel wrote:

epub files are zip files with various included structural files, as well as actual content.  Generally, the content is just standard html (or xml files in some cases) that contain the actual content..You'll need an epub reader to read these files.  Failing that, you can always unzip the epub file, and use your web browser to view the content.  That's exactly what I do here, and it's always worked for me.  Of course, this won't work if your epub file has encryption (in other words, DRM protection) on it, but for unprotected standard epub files, this works just fine. There's no reason espeak should be able to read these files directly.

On 8/1/2019 11:06 AM, Integration wrote:
[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by mhussaincov <>:
#639 the ability to read .epub files to .wav? <>
hi there, would it be possable to have it so espeak-ng is able to read .epub files? when I type for example espeak-ng -f "test.epub" it does not read the contence of the file. it just says pk. using latest espeak-ng the file in question does not have any protection on it. I have attached it if you wish to try for yourself. thanks, Majid Hussain Accidents <>

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