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Dear Sir,

I thank you for your answer. The work is better. The history part is well written now by Mr. Reece. Sure, you can add a list of supported languages with their ISO 639-3 codes to the official page of eSpeakNG and use it as a reference for languages part in Wikipedia. This will be better than picking the languages from many references.  For the features and principles parts, you can use research papers like and If there is any problem, please write me and I will solve the problem. However, I think that the work will be kept in Wikipedia. 

Yours Sincerely,

Houcemeddine Turki

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On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 03:34 am, Valdis Vitolins wrote:
I got list of languages, at first with:

espeak-ng --voices|grep -vE "Language"|awk '{print $2" "$4}'|sort -u

but, to filer out just dialects etc., I used following Bash script in root folder of the eSpeakNG project:

cd dictsource
list=$(ls -1 *_rules|cut -d'_' -f1)
cd ..
for i in $list; do
  langfile=$(find espeak-ng-data -name $i)
  if [ -n "$langfile" ]; then 
    lang=$(cat $langfile|grep name|tr "\-+" "  "| cut -d' ' -f2)
    echo $i $lang

Can't we use reference to the source, e.g.:

Reece, to prove eSpeakNG's capabilities, maybe we need to add list of supported languages for eSpeakNG,
Help Needed Many of these are just experimental attempts at these languages, produced after a quick reading of the corresponding article on

There is for my Android port, but that is not an up-to-date list. I will add the list of supported languages to the README file.
The eSpeak for Android program is a port of the eSpeak Text-to-Speech synthesiser to Android, supporting 79 languages and accents. This port of eSpeak is built on the ...

I don't know about any sources of eSpeak history, but I could add some more detailed explanation about principles later.

I am currently writing the history section of the Wikipedia article :).

Kind redards,


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