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#615 Underscored constants in dictsource/xx_list

How are they used, and is there a list of them with definitions somewhere?

I'm talking about this (for example, in the English file):

// accent names
_lig	l,Iga#tS3_
_acu	a#kj'u:t
_ac2	dVb@la#kj'u:t
_brv	br'i:v
_ced	s@d'Ila#
_cir	s'3:kVmfl,Eks
_dia	'UmlaUt
_dot	wIDd'0ta#bVv
_grv	gr'A:v
_hac	h'atS,Ek
_mcn	m'akr,0n
_ogo	'0g0n,Ek
_rng	r'INg
_stk	str'oUk
_tld	t'Ild@

// character names
_cap	k,ap@-t@L
_sub	s,VbskrIpt||
_sup	s,u:p3skrIpt||
_?A	l,Et3
_??	sImb@L
_braille br'eIl
_#9	tab
_#32	speIs

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