Overly Similar Pronunciations of M and N

Bhavya shah

Dear all,

This is not a particularly well-thought, adequately experimented or
properly developed suggestion, but dealing with a lot of mathematics
these days, and in extension variables, I have been consistently
making an observation. I often am unable to distinguish between "m"
and "n" and get the two mixed up. To be fair, I do use ESpeak-NG in
NVDA witht eh Steph family of variants (Steph, Steph 2, and Steph 3--)
at 20-45% speech rate with rate boost enabled, pitch 41, inflection 41
and language set as English (Great Britain). It would be interesting
to know from others using different variants and slower speech rates
if the distinction between "m" and "n" is clearer for them. In case
enough people find this to be somewhat of a confusion, and more
importantly if there is something that can be done to alter the
pronunciation of the alphabets "m" and "n", when written singly, I
would find that to be a valuable improvement.


Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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