Re: mis spoken word

Reece H. Dunn

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 05:17 AM, Karl Eick wrote:

Removing it completely causes a different, wrong pronunciation
altogether. I suggest that little change I mentioned in my previous
mail. Currently the entry is made like this:

Wichita        wItSI#tA@

This should be changed to:

Wichita        wItSI#tA:
To make the US English voice pronounce it right.
That's correct. 'A@' is used for START words (words typically spelled with 'ar'), while 'A:' is used for PALM words. These are documented at

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Am 06.03.2019 um 00:04 schrieb Travis Siegel:

Yeah, that's the word alright, but I can't figure out how to read the
pronunciation it's supposed to have.  If it helps, the word should be
pronounced like witch then a short i as in iguana, then a ta ending
like tah (same as utah).  Not sure why it would require a special
entry in the dictionary, I don't know how to remove entries from the
dictionary myself, or I'd try that and see how it pronounces it on its
own, but sounding like an r is at the end of it certainly isn't correct.

On 3/5/2019 3:28 PM, Valdis Vitolins via Groups.Io wrote:
Pronunciation for Wichita is set explicitly in pronunciation file:

Therefore (I assume), it is correct pronunciation for UK English.

What you think should be correct pronunciation for (I assume) US


I noticed today when proofreading a document that espeak (I'm using
ivan voice) says wichita (which is a city in Kansas I believe) as if
ended in an r.

It says it as if it were spelled

witchitar.  I find this very strange, and interestingly enough, I've
across this kind of behavior before.  I don't know why it would do
but if anyone has the capability to figure it out, it may lead to
several mispronunciations.

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