Re: Medium of Reporting Mispronunciations

Valdis Vitolins

The best way is to provide fixes with pull requests on

(Pull requests should pass checks and should not have conflicts.
If changes are only about spelling, you may create pull request
to my project to make life easier
for leading developer Reece H. Dunn.)

Second best way is to send updated configuration files in mailing list.
(Then usually I try to merge these files in my project and I create
pull request for Reece in espeak-ng main project.)

Third way is to provide list of words and describe, what should be
proper spelling as an issue in

Single word may not be good candidate for issue, because usually
spelling should be described as more general rule instead of just
single word. (If word is in top 100..1000 of used words, it may have
its own spelling rule. All other words, if necessary, should be added
in specific lists in configuration files.)

In general, any notes, comments and contributions are considered.
Though, if handling of given information is more difficult,
it may take much more time.


Dear all,

Often, I come across words that are simply mispronounced by ESpeak-
To report these currently mispronounced words, should I file tickets
on GitHub or share a bunch of them every so often on this e-group?

I would appreciate any clarifications.


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