Re: Italian language: secondary stress


by stressLength and stressAmp we can set amplitude and lengh, but not intonation.
We can set with lower value length and amplitude for secondary stress, but the intonation is always as secondary stress.

I need more informations before file a issues, I think that secondary stress should be set in tr_languages.c.
Like a case fr (French language), in the statement stress_flags.
E.G. see in src/libespeak-ng/tr_languages.c line 797:
tr->langopts.stress_flags = S_NO_AUTO_2 | S_FINAL_DIM; // don't use secondary stress


Valdis Vitolins, 21/01/2017 14:41:

you have to adjust voice settings in
s/roa/it file

Look at

For example, for Latvian settings are following:
stressAmp 14 10 10 8 0 0 20 15
stressLength 180 180 180 160 0 0 230 188

Note that 3rd group of numbers (secondary stress) is similar to 2nd
group (diminished, i.e. in general last syllable). (And I think maybe
I'll set 3rd group with even lower values, as espeak-ng still sometimes
stresses 3rd syllable too much).

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