Re: Italian language: secondary stress

Reece H. Dunn

I don't know this area of espeak to say what it's cababilities are in this regard. As for espeak-ng, write up a proposal in the issues describing the requirements you have for your needs w.r.t. Italian so they are documented.

I think espeak is weighted toward English stress patterns.

Ideally, two things should happen:

1.  Document the current stress behaviour in espeak;

2.  Investigate the different stress, tone and intonation patterns found in different languages and annotations for those languages (e.g. IPA tone marks);

3.  Design a framework that captures the requirements to support the things identified in (2);

4.  Implement (3) in espeak-ng.

I am currently looking at the voice/language/accent split within espeak-ng, so don't have time right now to look into improving the stress/tone/intonation support, but if someone else wants to look into this they can do.

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