Re: Italian language: secondary stress

Valdis Vitolins

you have to adjust voice settings in
s/roa/it file

Look at

For example, for Latvian settings are following:
stressAmp 14 10 10 8 0 0 20 15
stressLength 180 180 180 160 0 0 230 188

Note that 3rd group of numbers (secondary stress) is similar to 2nd
group (diminished, i.e. in general last syllable). (And I think maybe
I'll set 3rd group with even lower values, as espeak-ng still sometimes
stresses 3rd syllable too much).


in italian language secondary stress is used only in some exceptions;
words with four/five or more syllables, combined words etcc...

Espeak-ng adds secondary stress automatically on each word, also it 
changes the unstressed words indicated in it_list  in secondary
Is there a way to delete automatic secondary stress?

Can we use secondary stress only if is indicated in italian
or rules?


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