Re: prescription symbol

Karl Eick

Well, I guess that's it, I'm gonna update it now.

Am 26.04.2018 um 21:17 schrieb Valdis Vitolins:


official name of this is "prescription take"

currently "℞" is not included in en_emoji file, and it works well, if
this entry is added manually. Can I just add it on case basis?


because of historical decision of espeak, to group characters into
integers, there are many tricky cases where it works incorrectly.

Another newly found issue is

Probably it will be absolutely error free only when espeak-ng will work
with arbitrary length of multi-byte characters (it definitely will help
me with some of cases for Latvian language).


hi all

I've finally found the unicode value for the prescription symbol. It
unicode 211e. I'm not entirely sure how to fix this myself, but could
fix be implemented? Espeak ng should say this as "prescription", in
other words "U211e only". Also, I have begun compiling the french
dictionaries in my US english dictionaries repository. I don't speak
french, but I'm getting a lot of issue reports from a french espeak
user, claiming most of the french emojies are being mangled. I can't
verify this since I don't speak french, but could someone who speaks
french possibly look into this?


Kendell Clark

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