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[espeak-ng:master] New Comment on Pull Request #462 Some improvements to German
By rhdunn:

Yeah. I have had a look through the changes and have some comments.

  1. The changes are based on an older commit of espeak-ng. This makes it harder to merge if/when additional changes have been made.

  2. Can you make sure that the phoneme files build before committing the changes? The EI phoneme change duplicates the phoneme EI line, which breaks the current build.

  3. The main conflict comes from these changes being based on the previous German changes which I reverted due to feedback (https://groups.io/g/espeak-ng/message/1279).

Can you recreate the fixes from the latest commit instead of an older version?

It might be better to describe the changes and fixes you are trying to make. Some of the changes (e.g. the "a" at the end of beta and komma) don't match standard German, which espeak/espeak-ng follow with the a phoneme instead of the A: phoneme you are using.

There are clearly some errors we can fix (e.g. the feature definition for the b phoneme, but things like the changes to the phonemes to use the base definitions may be something worth discussing with other German espeak users. I'm also curious if some of the changes are accent specific.

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