recent s changes in master cause strange issues

kendell clark

hi all

The recent changes to the s rules of some of the words in en_rules have
caused some odd manglings. For example, rsgames used to be said as rs
games, but is now said like "arse games". Also, file extensions with an
s in them, example is said as install.ssh, install.[S] in
espeak phonetics. While s words are being fixed, would it be possible to
fix a series of commands in linux land? Systemv, systemctl, netctl, etc?
Netctl is part of systemd, and controls networks. I could fix these
myself but a rule change would be simpler. I'm not asking for the s
changes to be reverted, just fixed if possible. Also I'd like to thank
reece and anyone else who is helping to gradually incorporate my english
fixes into espeak ng. I'd like to put on my profile pages on various
social media sites, gnusocial, twitter, facebook that I help contribute
to espeak ng. I'm not listed in any of the contributor files, and I
don't expect push access or anything, but I don't want to claim I help
out if I'm not seen as contributing, so I'm not sure what to do.


Kendell Clark

Open source is much more than just a license. It is a community of people exercising our god given rights to use, study, modify and share software and ideas. And breaking drm wherever we find it.

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