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[espeak-ng:master] Label added to issue #129 Spanish: vowels and diphthongs by Christianlm.

[espeak-ng:master] Label added to issue #124 persian language has some problem by mahmoodhojabri.

[espeak-ng:master] Label added to issue #122 Documentation: need to know how verb/noun indicators are calculated by ValdisVitolins.

[espeak-ng:master] Label added to issue #121 Allow to replace characters using rules and reiterate substitutiton again until rules apply by ValdisVitolins.

[espeak-ng:master] New Issue Created by hoenickf:
#115 [German] "ca" should be pronounced as "zirka"

User Acceptance Criteria - for de the input "ca" is pronounced as "zirka" - for de the input "kg" is pronounced as "Kilogramm"

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